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Hybrid Mail

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Regaining control of your printing and mailing processes, reducing your costs and reducing the admin your staff have to deal with are common challenges all businesses face when it comes to outbound printed communication.

At Paragon Customer Communications we can help you address these challenges through Hybrid Mail. Hybrid Mail helps you regain control, reduce your costs and increase your staff’s productivity when it comes to outbound printed communications.

What’s hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail is the communication produced in the office, on the desktop or through back office automation, which is then captured, processed and routed to our production centre for despatch through postal or electronic communication channels.


HybridMail is perfect for departments who have communications that are required to be mailed out to customers, such as letters, statements, invoices and direct mail. Your staff create their documents as usual, but at the point of print your staff simply select our print driver and we do the rest. Simply create, click print and start saving with Paragon's HybridMail services today.

How does it work?

Hybrid Mail allows your staff to create customer documents as usual, but at the point of print your staff simply select our print driver. So that your documents remain secure, they are encrypted and sent to Paragon’s secure production centre.

On receipt of your documents, our system automatically adds a discrete barcode to allow each item to be tracked. Documents can be sent to your customers via post or email.

The production centre takes the printed document and merges it with the electronic stationery and printable inserts your staff have selected. The document is then queued for printing.

Documents are printed in colour or mono. They are then automatically folded and inserted into envelopes. Mail is sorted by destination postcode using Royal Mail Mailmark technology and consolidated to achieve postal discounts.

Your items of post are collected by our postal operator and are sent via the postal service you have selected. Any items that could not be delivered are returned to us. We then send the details of the returns and the reasons why back to you so that you can update your database.

Key Features

Key Features

  • eStationery, printing & enclosure settings: Access a list of eStationery including letterheads, paper type, colour options, simplex or duplex, physical or inline inserts, digital signatures, envelope type and postage class
  • Inserts, attachments and mailing options: Insert pre-defined uploaded documents within HybridMail, or attach new documents such as an invoice from your desktop to any outgoing communication such as a cover letter.
  • Document personalisation: In addition to Signature and Name OPT codes, HybridMail supports Department, Appointment and Telephone number to allow full signature blocks to be completed automatically for users.
  • Supervisory control: Set roles and responsibilities of staff that can submit, review and approve documents in your organisational hierarchy. You can assign supervisors to manage users.
  • HybridMail console: Enable a supervisor to search, preview, cancel or release the communications your staff has submitted. This allows you to check for branding, content, tone of voice and other compliance before mailing out.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance: GDPR facility is available on the HybridMail console that permits authorised users to perform two relevant rights: the right to access and the right to erasure.
  • Address intelligence: By integrating with the Royal Mail’s Postal Address File (PAF) we can provide optional address verification to improve addressing accuracy.
  • Office 365 add-on and Azure AD: Office 365 add-on and Azure AD integration provide a single sign-on solution.
  • Better messaging and content control: Control what messaging and content can be used in a communication. Extract data from documents to report on the frequency of communication sent to certain account numbers or email addresses.
  • Data security: All functions are performed over secure channels. The print channel is double asymmetrically encrypted. Data Security is in compliance with ISO 27001.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction of postal costs: Mail is sorted by destination postcode using Royal Mail Mailmark technology and consolidated to achieve postal discounts.
  • Reduction of printing costs: Documents are printed using high-quality machines giving economies of scale
  • Improved employee productivity: Employees can focus their efforts on more productive elements of the business instead of printing documents and putting into envelopes
  • Reduction of stationary and consumable costs: No longer do you need to worry about paper, envelopes and ink
  • Reduction of equipment costs: You can reduce the number of office printers, inserting machines, franking machines and having the expense of running and maintaining them
  • Reduction in energy costs: Less equipment will result in cost savings from energy
  • Risk management: Reduce business risk through budget control, content fluency, brand consistency and process adherence. This provides control and audit of all your outgoing communications.
  • Production tracking: Track the status of your production using our Tracking and Reporting functions available via our online Client Portal. Access track and trace information for every mailing sent
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