Paragon Letter Management System

Create, manage and deliver communications to your customers in the format and on the device of their choice

Customers can be demanding. They expect their communications to be personalised, relevant and to be served up in real time. It’s a challenge obviously. You need to create, approve and maintain complete control over your customer messaging with consistency across all channels.

Paragon LMS makes it possible to meet your customer demands and to communicate smarter with your customers. Our online platform gives you a single point from which you create, approve and send communications using a variety of channels, including print, email, web, mobile and SMS.

Everything from customer account information to onboarding, billing statements, transaction details, legal notifications, policy documents and marketing communications can be set up and managed centrally through Paragon LMS. With Paragon LMS, your customer communications can be consolidated and managed across all lines of business throughout your organisation using a single platform that handles all of your needs.

Key Features

  • Multichannel communication production in a single template
  • Online editor with live-proof for mobile, web, SMS, email, and print
  • Template lifecycle view from creation and approval to promotion and fulfilment
  • High degree of customisation and extensive stationery options
  • A preview of communications via PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Communications can be optimised for most delivery channels
  • Role-based authorisation with customisable dashboard views

Your Benefits

  • Single letter template for multiple distribution channels
  • Easy change management that includes approval, proofing and testing
  • Granular control over branding, creation, editing, and approval
  • No need for multiple overlapping technologies
  • Enhanced and reshaped customer experience
  • Reduced time onboarding new clients
  • Improved upselling and cross-selling
  • Reduced IT support, cost optimisation and better waste management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • ISO 27001 certified security management processes with your customer data encrypted by default, at every point
  • Tracking of all sent communications
  • MI and reporting
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