Data Compliance

Practical solutions that prepare you for the worst and enable you to meet your obligations as a data controller



Data Compliance

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Managed permissions, evidenced compliance and an understanding of your data landscape

Paragon’s expertise in data compliance helps you, delivering consultancy, an understanding of your data landscape and implementation of practical compliance solutions. With the GDPR in place and e-Privacy on the horizon, all organisations need to ensure they are fully compliant with data protection regulations and protect their customers.


  • Helps you to demonstrate and evidence compliance
  • Ensures you are still maximising your data resource
  • Prepares your business for the worst, should it happen


Data Exploration

Audit and map the data you hold, what it is, where it comes from, how it travels through your organisation and when it leaves. We assess your current capture mechanisms, DPS and privacy statement and legitimate interest balancing assessments

Preference Centre and re-permissioning campaigns

Gain and manage your customer’s consents and preferences through a central hub that integrates with all your data sources in and campaign activity out

Breach notification

We enable our clients to be fully prepared with a ‘pre-planned’ and ‘pre-canned’ mechanism to inform customers swiftly in the event of a serious data breach

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