Data Management

Strategies to better engage your customers and prospects


Data Management

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Gain the insights needed to deliver data driven and effective communications

We analyse our client’s data and spot the patterns that provide a deep understanding of their customers and prospects. Our expert teams refine the findings, using research and behavioural psychology to deliver the most effective and engaging communications.  


  • Streamlines your data and saves your business time and money through easier control, storage and usage of the information you hold
  • Helps you to engage new audiences by giving you more information on those you already have, enabling you to connect with potential customers on a broader scale
  • Saves costs on developing, recreating and distributing content, allowing you to focus on your target audience with less wasted expense


Data Exploration

Audit and map the data you hold, find out what it is, where it comes from, how it travels through your organisation and when it leaves. We assess your current capture mechanisms, DPS and privacy statement and legitimate interest balancing assessments in order to maximise the effectiveness of your communications.


Breach Notifications

Be fully prepared with a ‘pre-planned’ and ‘pre-canned’ mechanism to inform customers swiftly in the event of a serious data breach


Re-permissioning campaigns

Gain compliant consent from customers to communicate with them

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