Logistics, fulfilment and supply chain

A robust, efficient and secure multi-channel fulfilment solution to capture, process and fulfil customer requests for business items and literature quickly and securely


Logistics fulfilment supply chain

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Comprehensive and customisable logistics, fulfilment and supply chain solutions

We have deep experience of providing communications solutions across multiple sectors. As such, we have blended our experience in customer communications with the requirements of our clients, delivering agility, accuracy and timely solutions. We enable our clients to transform their supply chain from an operational requirement to something which sets them apart from their competitors.

Benefits of using our Logistics and fulfilment services


• Provides a choice of channels to your end customers, and saves time and hassle through an intuitive screen workflow

• Gives instant access to your order history and status, with MI reporting across online, phone and email channels

• Integrates with other communication services, securely and at scale with full control over user base



Secure and scalable solution with instant access to order history and status

We provide a 24/7 service which conforms to all regulatory requirements, providing agility, accuracy and timely delivery.

MI Reporting across online, phone and email channels

Our fulfilment solution gives our clients the key data they need to inform their communications strategies, across all channels.

Integrates easily with other communication services

We offer customisation for varying business workflows, business rules and processes. It is secure, easy to navigate and quick to implement.

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