Omnichannel Inbound

An intelligent inbound solution that enhances how your business manages documents and processes customer data




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Revolutionised inbound communication processing

Our agile digital mailroom and document scanning services transform how businesses manage documents. Paragon's communication experts help clients to convert manual processes into a digital hybrid solution, giving them the control, speed and security they need while maximising their budgets. We provide mail and document management solutions for the digital age.


• Reduces cost via a streamlined process for document scanning and information flows

• Simplifies the secure storage and retrieval of key documents

• Improves and maintains the quality of your data


Scanning, indexing and archiving of legacy documents

Whether it’s physical or digital media, Paragon will sort, scan and index your documents. We’ll process payments and handle secure files, and after we’ve captured the information we’ll distribute and archive the documents and associated data, integrating it into your workflow.


Conversion of manually processed mail into a hybrid solution

We increase the speed and effectiveness of how you process your inbound communications, enabling you to benefit from reduced processing costs and intelligence-driven decision making. By deploying our hybrid solution, we’ll help you to vastly improve your customers’ experience.


Returned mail processing and data cleansing

Our specialist team will process returned mail and cleanse your data, giving better accuracy and improving the performance of your mailing campaigns.  We’ll give you a better understanding of your customer relationships by standardising and consolidating customer information from multiple campaigns and sales channels, dramatically improving your return on investment.


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