Planning and Analytics

Mining data for patterns and signals to find actionable insight, we provide strategies to better engage your customers and prospects

Vertical Tabs

Planning and Analytics – insight based, outcome driven communications


We analyse our client’s data and spot the patterns that provide a deep understanding of their customers and prospects. Our expert teams refine the findings, using research and behavioural psychology to deliver the most effective and engaging communications.  



• Improves targeting to reduce wastage and increase responses

• Provides better strategies to acquire and retain customers

• Utilises data to generate better, more individualised communications


Campaign planning expertise, customer journey mapping and modelling

We’ll identify key points of intervention to improve customer experience, as well as targeting, channel candidates and testing opportunities.

Data sourcing and purchase, direct media channel selection and media booking

Our experts will determine the perfect channels to reach and influence your customers and prospects.  

Media Attribution and campaign evaluation

We’ll isolate what messages and media worked, as well as what didn’t, ensuring that future activity can be refined and improved

Text mining and sentiment analysis

We help clie​nts to understand the root causes of customer behaviour, and help to prevent unwanted contacts into your organization.

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