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We enable true multichannel, individualised communications at scale for our clients


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Data management - enabling true multi-channel, individualised, compliant communication at scale

The spine of any customer communications strategy is data; it’s the fuel that drives success. Paragon creates a structured single view of your customer, integrated with your existing data eco-system. We use intelligent automated rules that enable individualised, dynamic communications that improve your acquisition and retention, and ensures compliance under GDPR.


• Provides an understanding of your data landscape and how that asset can be leveraged to deliver against business objectives

• Brings all data together to maximise its value, ensuring it is always clean and up to date, reducing wastage, improving targeting and reducing complaints

• Automates previously manual processes



Data Exploration

Audit and map the data you hold - what it is, where it comes from, how it travels through your organisation and when it leaves. 

Expert data and technical consultancy, including database build, hosting and ongoing management and maintenance

Understand your data infrastructure requirements and match to the right solutions (off the shelf license or bespoke build)

Integrated solution into your overall data eco-system and into automated workflows as required, and ingest data from multiple disparate sources.

Reformatting and standardisation, validation and enhancement. De-duplicate and apply industry suppressions, e.g. deceased, gone-aways, preference services

Preference Centre and re-permissioning campaigns

Manage your customers’ consents and preferences through a central hub that integrates with all your data sources in, and campaign activity out

Breach Notification

Be fully prepared with a ‘pre-planned’ and ‘pre-canned’ mechanism to inform customers swiftly in the event of a serious data breach

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