Transactional Services

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Transactional Services

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Added value to your business and enhanced customer experience

We value our clients’ data security. We are market leaders for producing, optimising and innovating transactional communications, and produce over 200 million packs a year for some of the UK’s best known financial services, utilities, and telecoms brands. Our secure Cardholder Data Environment safely facilitates the storage, transmission and processing of extremely sensitive client data, protecting your business from current and emerging threats, and our eBilling solution keeps our clients’ data moving. We help businesses securely deliver customer documents and information via multiple channels, enabling them to meet customer demand for digital transformation.




  • Maintains your reputation with high quality transactional communications produced on time, every time.
  • Complete regulatory compliance that safeguards against data breaches
  • Relieves pressure on call handlers from confused customers and speeds up your payment collection and billing processes


Infrastructure to meet all regulatory requirements, with the latest firewalls, switch and router management systems

Paragon Customer Communications' sites are accredited to the highest standards of production environment security, with expert teams that enable us to securely and efficiently deliver our clients’ vital regulatory communications

100% guaranteed capacity, flexibility and business continuity across multiple sites

Our scale and dedicated disaster recovery infrastructure guarantee that we meet client demand for quick and effective communications when time is of the essence.

Dedicated specialists in transactional communications

Across our team, we have decades of experience in the field of transactional and regulatory communications. Working with Paragon ensures your transactional communications work harder, ensuring a brilliant customer experience.

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Market leaders in securely delivering customer documents and information