How optimised customer communications help you avoid the domino effect of confused and frustrated customers..


We understand the domino effect of unclear communications. If they aren’t clear, you won’t get the response you want from your customers.

Confused, they’ll ring your call centre, you’ll send another letter, and the costly cycle starts again. 

We’ll help you get back on track.


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What is the domino effect?

We’ve all been there. A customer received a letter from a utilities or insurance provider, but they can’t make sense of what they need to do. What forms do they need to fill in? Who do they send them to? Have they missed something important?

It’s easier to just ring the call centre and ask for help. They speak to the agent, give them all their details, and at the end of the call the agent says they’ll send another letter. This is the Domino Effect. All this time wasted and resource deployed on fielding customer inquiries could be avoided if the provider got it right the first time. If they don’t, costs build and customer experience goes through the floor.

Meet Sally.

Her provider understands simple and effective communications. When brands get it right, they have their customers' needs and preferences at the heart of every stage of the journey.

Sally's supplier has listened to what she needs:

  • Clear and concise instructions on what actions she needs to take.

  • Important information flagged and placed where it’s easily seen.

  • Complicated T&Cs in a digital portal.

  • A simple balance of print and digital – important documents via the post, reminders and notifications via text or email.



Meet Ben.

Ben's supplier doesn't get it. They make his experience difficult by communicating with unclear, badly designed communications. Every interaction with this brand is a struggle for Ben and what’s more, it costs the supplier more money to deliver this negative experience.

Ben's supplier:

  • Sends hefty letters with dozens of pages of complicated information.

  • Doesn’t signpost what actions Ben needs to take.

  • Includes T&Cs – which he’s never going to read – in amongst the important documents.

  • When Ben calls the contact centre, the agent has no idea what’s previously been sent, forcing Ben to bring them up to speed.

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