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Cost savings and process efficiency for UK rail company


British Train Operator

What our client wanted

Our client was using a number of different suppliers to fulfil its print requirements, which had led to inconsistencies in quality, service and price. Dealing with multiple suppliers was also having a negative impact on the Marketing Manager, who was spending five days a month managing the print production for the company, which in turn meant they were unable to focus on other tasks. They also suffered from a lack of visibility on savings, innovation and sustainability opportunities.


What we gave them

Reviewing all suppliers, our client recognised that something had to change, and that the most sensible solution would be to appoint a preferred print partner to deliver a managed service including storage and distribution. Paragon presented its simple online ordering platform to our client's team, explaining how this would save them time and money. Paragon’s PEP system would give the them access to an e-commerce platform that had been specifically developed for the UK rail industry, delivering an efficient and streamlined service.


What was the impact

We now deliver all marketing and operational print, along with timetable print, storage and timed distribution for our client, and they can now manage all of their print fulfilment at the touch of a button. In addition, they benefit from bespoke management reports that ensure the efficient print and storage of all documents is tracked and controlled at every point in the supply chain. Our supply chain experts also profiled each product to help deal with seasonal demand and scheduled distributions. The advanced warehouse management systems in place at Paragon dealt with alerts, automated replenishment and predictive orders to manage inventory levels and reduce stock obsolescence.


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