Introducing...Pit Ludig

Pit Ludig

Pit Ludig was one of the first employees of PCC Luxembourg. We sat down with him to discuss his career so far, recent news from the site, and other less important subjects.


Hi Pit! We’ll get right to it. What’s your role and what does that involve?

Well, since the 1st of July, I am the Head of Production for PCC Luxembourg. That means I am one of three daily managers here in Lux. We are a site regulated by the CSSF, and one of their rules is that every company has more than one site director. The Head of Production role, as you’d expect involves running daily production here at the site, as well as a range of other responsibilities. Before I started my new job here, I was Operations Manager, and to get to this stage I’ve been through training in production, compliance, health and safety, facilities management, and various other aspects of the role. Ultimately, it’s about making sure we comply with the regulator’s requirements.

You were the first employee at PCC Luxembourg. A lot must have changed in the last couple of years?

When I joined, the building was an empty shell. It was an exhibition site for a concrete manufacturer. At the start, I was alone most of the time here on site, although every day I had calls with our MD Lorna Glynn or our Head of Projects Deborah Cordingley. So you can imagine how happy I was when I heard that visitors from the UK would come over or, even better, when I had the chance to go to Dagenham for training. I’d like to say a big thank you again to everyone involved who helped to get me on my feet.

Originally I joined as Operations Manager, so the business could have a native Luxembourgish person to deal with suppliers and the government, as well as trading and compliance requirements. Obviously, we’ve been here for nearly three years now, though only one year of live production. In that time, we’ve onboarded two brilliant clients – Northern Trust and Nordea, and there’s also ongoing discussions with other clients too.

The site is also a bit different in that we are literally right next to a forest, so we also speak to representatives from the government’s Ministry of the Environment. That does have some benefits though, as we’re regularly visited by foxes, ducks, squirrels and even a wild pig at one point.

That’s not something most offices get to experience! What’s your background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management, and I worked in the hospitality industry for 12 years in various sales and management roles. I lived and worked in Dubai for 10 years, but when we had our first child, Colin, we moved back to Luxembourg. After a few roles in hospitality in Dubai I then became a sales rep working for Jura coffee. I ended up meeting a lot of famous people while working in Dubai, including Roger Federer and Ricky Ponting the Australian cricket captain. I don’t follow cricket though, so unfortunately I had no idea who he was.

Sacrilege! I was there to see Ricky Ponting hit 156 for Australia against England at Old Trafford in 2005, so I’m very jealous. Anyway, back to the questions. How does PCC Luxembourg differ from our other sites?

Well, one key way is that our site here is our first regulated business. For us, every single thing is documented – we have documentation to show how EVERYTHING works. Of the seven production jobs we have here, five of the staff had never worked in the industry before, so that’s really helpful. We’ve got a great team here with a lot of different nationalities. At the end of June when we finished our financial year, we had a celebration where everyone brought a dish from their country. I made a Bouneschlupp (a Luxembourgish bean soup), we had a dessert from Kosovo and our Managing Director Lorna Glynn made a cottage pie. It was brilliant!

We’ll get on to the questions about food, but one last question that’s vaguely related to work. What’s the best thing about Luxembourg?

For me, it’s family. My parents are still here, my brother and sister are here too. It was for our children really, we wanted to come home after living in Dubai for so long. We looked at Europe in general, including London, Brussels and Hamburg, and we wanted to be close to family. My wife is from Germany, and her family are around four hours away from us now.

You mentioned your son Colin earlier. That doesn’t sound like a Luxembourgish name – where did that come from?

We have two sons - Colin and Cillian – both Irish names. Initially we wanted to call him Noah, but that name is incredibly popular here now, so we needed something different. I’m a sports fan. I loved Eli Manning, but Eli doesn’t sound good in Luxembourg. Then we chose Colin because I’m a big San Francisco 49ers fan and their player Colin Kaepernick had been doing great things, taking a stand against racism. Cillian was my wife’s choice. We saw the name Kylian Mbappe in the newspaper and liked that, and then out of nowhere we started watching Peaky Blinders and we love Cillian Murphy in that. So there we are!   

Lovely stuff. What did you have for tea last night?

Spaghetti Bolognese, homemade. We share the cooking in our house, but I do most of it at the weekend. For me, Bolognese is something that takes two days to cook. I make my own beef stock, everything.

Wow! Good answer. What’s your favourite biscuit and why?

They’re called Hit – two biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate in the middle. They’re my favourite because they’re awesome, but dangerous. They fit straight into your mouth, so a packet is often gone within a day.

I’m familiar with those biscuits, and they are indeed awesome. What superpower would you choose and why?

Invisibility. I love sneaking around places without being noticed.

I think that’s the most honest answer I’ve had to that question. Everyone says they’d like to be able to fly, but I don’t believe them. Who’s your hero?

I’d say there’s two. In real life, it’s my stepdad, because I’ve learned everything from him. The other would be James Bond, because he’s got the cool gadgets and cool cars (apart from Pierce Brosnan’s Bond who drove BMWs). I love cars and everything about them – it’s a great hobby of mine. I’ve got a red Ford Mustang convertible that I brought back with me from Dubai.

Where is your favourite place you’ve ever been?

New Zealand. We had the chance to see both islands across a three-week holiday. We also got engaged over there. I have to say, in my opinion the most beautiful place in the world is the Doubtful Sound in the South West of the country. If you haven’t seen paradise, you haven’t seen New Zealand. It’s amazing. At one point we planned to open a B&B there, but in the end we headed back to Dubai.

Well, the New Zealand Bed and Breakfast industry’s loss is our gain! Thanks Pit!