Paragon Fulfilment: Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test Kits

Help prevent the transmission of coronavirus

Paragon Fulfilment for Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test Kits


We provide an efficient and secure fulfilment solution to process and deliver Covid-19 test kit orders, direct to your employees

You can protect your staff, your organisation, and your community by having lateral flow test kits delivered to your workforce's home or office, to help prevent the transmission of the coronavirus by regularly self-testing your employees before they take on essential tasks.
Our fulfilment centres are strategically located throughout the UK to make sure your test kits get to your staff within one business day.


We’re trusted by the DHSC to deliver the government home test kits and Vitamin D programme and can support your organisation in the same way.


It's easy to use a coronavirus self-test swab

The video below shows the simple process for administering a coronavirus self-test swabbing kit.
The test is quick and simple, and can be done with just a single swab.


PCC // COVID 19 home testing guide

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