Print Management to Lead Supplier

Nick Barbeary explains what you should look out for in a managed service supplier


There are many ways in which a Lead Supplier model can benefit a company, and more importantly improve how it operates.

Working directly in partnership with a client enables a supplier to drive innovation that the client would otherwise not attempt, reduce their spend, and regain control over their brand and messaging.

It also frees their staff from performing manual processes that divert them from activities that could have a greater impact on the experience the business delivers for their customers.

A Lead Supplier solution can also help deliver the efficiencies a business needs in order to meet its sustainability goals, by working smarter to reduce the amount of paper, electricity and plastic they consume.

My team at Paragon Customer Communications delivers data driven communications, integrating all channels through a dedicated team while realising the benefits that come from a consolidated supply chain and leveraging spend.

These are some of the key attributes a business should look for when they are thinking of working with a managed service supplier…


They need to be passionate about providing an excellent, high quality service, and must constantly strive to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. They should have years of industry experience, enabling them to work their way around the numerous bumps which can appear in the road.

Their experience and enthusiasm will enable them to solve certain problems quickly because they’ve encountered them before, but they can also adapt rapidly to new circumstances that nobody was expecting. If your supplier isn’t passionate about being the best and doesn’t look to the future, spotting trends in an evolving market, they may not be the supplier your business needs.


Working with a preferred supplier like Paragon also brings teamwork, and with teamwork comes scale, capability, and agility. Our network of sites across the UK means that we deliver guaranteed capacity for our clients in a fully compliant environment.

For regulated businesses in the financial services and banking sectors, this is vital in times of crisis. If for example a serious data breach has occurred, and a company needs quickly and efficiently to communicate with its entire customer base, Paragon’s team can mobilise to deliver millions of customer communications with complete accuracy to tight deadlines, ensuring regulatory compliance.

This ability to respond rapidly to problems will also help a business to preserve its hard-earned reputation, which can take years to build but just minutes to crumble when bad news is spreading quickly.


This is something which is often spoken about, but rarely practiced. Being a true partner to a business means the supplier aligns their values with those of their client, working to deliver the best possible outcomes for the client’s customers. The best supplier partners will understand the need to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every stage and across every channel, irrespective of the size and value of the contract they are fulfilling. This is why many of the world’s leading brands choose to work with us – we’ll help them deliver what their customers need while providing the other benefits outlined above.

We have made our name via a commitment to deliver what we say we can deliver, as a team and in partnership with our clients.

Nick Barbeary

Client Development Director | Paragon Customer Communications