Save up to 30% on your direct mail campaign mailing costs

Thanks to a new Royal Mail initiative

Save up to 30% on your direct mail campaign

In order to help companies to reach their customers more easily, the Royal Mail have introduced a new campaign: Open For Business

From 20th May until the end of the year, businesses from a wide range of sectors will be able to take advantage of savings on communications that help their customers keep going.

During good times and bad, consumers want brands to support them. And in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for trusted companies who can help them stay connected in their daily lives. Now more than ever, with millions of people separated from family, friends, and the little things that help life feel normal, communication matters.

If a business is able to deliver a tangible direct mail message now that is personable, engaging and trustworthy, it is going to resonate with customers and help to build a relationship which lasts beyond when life returns to ‘normal’. This also applies conversely to businesses who create the impression that they are trying to exploit this situation to their advantage. It’s about sending the right message at the right time.

We are one of the most experienced Direct Mail partners in the UK, sending millions of pieces each day that connect our clients to their customers. With us, you can save up to 30% on your direct mail campaign mailing costs when you take advantage of the Royal Mail’s ‘Open for Business’ offer, and we can help you put critical information, supportive messaging, or customer promotions into the hands of your customers, quickly and efficiently.

So, if you’re a charity looking to increase donations, or a business that’s been forced to close its doors wanting to direct customers to your website, we’re here to help you connect at every stage of your customer’s journey. From data to planning, creative to delivery, and everything in-between. Direct Mail is a powerful tool which has never been more important – people trust it and the messages it carries – so if you are looking to get back to business, it is a great place to start.

We can even integrate your marketing campaigns with digital channels to maximise customer experience and return on investment. Our industry-leading experts will look at every point of your customer’s journey. We’ll audit, cleanse and enrich your data and provide the insight that lets you make important decisions with confidence.


We’d love to speak to you about how we can help get you back to business. For immediate support to help you take advantage of these offers visit below