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We speak to leading industry thinkers, authorities and professional bodies, as well as Paragon subject matter experts, to engage and inform our community about a variety of views on a particular topic, trend or subject. 


The New Normal Video Panel Series

New Normal- Episode 3

Ep #3: You've Got the tech, what about the innovation?

In this episode host Amy Creedan is joined by special guests;
Andy Farmer - Executive strategy director @ ORM
Sean Burrel -SVP of Business Development & Alliances @ DCX
New Normal- Episode 2

Ep #2: Staying authentic in an age of automation?

In this episode host John Chapple is joined by special guests;
Nino Sheikh-Thompkins - Head of Strategy & Proposition
Marc Michaels – Creative & Strategy Director 
Peter Gough – Founding Partner   
New Normal- Episode 1

Ep #1: Will brands embrace innovation quicker now?

In this episode host Amy Creeden is joined by special guests; 
Peter Paterson - Director of Client Engagement
Lorenzo Vasini - Chief Growth Officer           
Ross Kittlety - Head of CCM


Webinars on Demand


Is the bank branch dead? Webinar

A webinar debate to explore if COVID-19 has accelerated the demise of the traditional store-front bank.

Digital transformation in a post COVID-19 world- Webinar

This webinar we’ll take you through our top five tips for a successful digital transformation in a post-pandemic world.

DRUC: Digital Optimisation Webinar

We reveal our tool to create a roadmap to success and how you can find success with ORM’s DRUC methodology.