Multinational Telecommunications Provider

Simplified and more efficient B2B customer communications for a telecommunications provider in Germany


Telecommunications Case Study

What our client wanted

Paragon has been working with our client, a multinational telecommunications giant, for a number of years, delivering services including transactional printing and document management. In 2017 they approached us with a new challenge: they wanted to convert physical customer invoices for its Business to Business (B2B) customers to digital invoicing, in order to meet their customers' preference for digital delivery. They also wanted to reduce printing and postage costs, as well as take legal changes into account. In addition, our client needed greater control and efficiency in their communication channels so they could speak to their customers via the channels they preferred.

What we gave them

Paragon has implemented our smartDelivery solution for our client’s B2B customers. Customers are asked to register online for smartDelivery using a teaser on the documents sent to them, or via an insert in a piece of transactional mail. The recipient is identified via the personalised registration code using a QR code or with an internet link via the portal. From here, the customer can select the communication channel by which they would like to receive their PDF/XML invoice. Paragon processes and manages our client’s invoice data as well as customer registrations, and we issue the invoice via the app, the online portal, e-delivery or in a printed format, while the files are digitally archived.


What was the impact

Since the conversion of B2B customer communication, we have successfully saved our client over €3 million in postage costs. On top of this, 6,000,000 documents have been sent by email and a total of 100,000,000 documents have been processed - all by a single team. In addition, invoices are now delivered up to two days faster, which significantly improves communication between our client and their customers. This is a flexible, evolving service from Paragon that is constantly being improved and adapted by our team, who work closely with the client’s key stakeholders.


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