Integrated Multi-Channel Platform

integrated multi-channel platform for an international mobile device insurance provider

What our client wanted

Our challenge was to create a multi-channel communications platform that gave our client the ability to manage millions of customers with a small team. They wanted to enable their customers to access their documentation online and self-serve document changes quickly.

What we gave them

We delivered a fully automated system that enables our client to manage new files and data with exceptional efficiency and ease, with automated document composition and multi-channel delivery. The modular nature of the system allows changes to be implemented quickly, with enhanced auditability and safeguards, while the system automatically ensures the validation of new data. A series of automated data checks throughout the system, including quality checks, have reduced the turnaround time for errors, resulting in improved productivity for our client. All new communications are immediately added to an archive, which call centre agents can view and customers can use to self-serve through an online portal. By working with us, our client has also gained access to a wealth of management information. We provide a dashboard of highly visual and customisable reports on metrics like mailings going out, email opens and return volumes.


What was the impact

Our client now self-serves their communications, with a fully-automated system that powers the operation from data processing to delivery. Millions of customers are now successfully cared for by a small client team, with heavily reduced manual workloads and a shift in their priorities to higher-value activities. Naturally integrated multi-channel communications are created and delivered with increased data accuracy, compliance and management information. We also sped up and streamlined template changes for our client’s physical letters, shortening the process from six weeks to less than 48 hours. The future-proofed platform is also completely scalable, giving our client the capacity and capabilities to rapidly and securely onboard new mobile network clients of its own, supporting their growth and business goals.