Contract delivery

A trusted partner for your most important work, with a global supplier base that guarantees consistency, speed to market and digital transformation. 

Contract delivery

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Delivering Contract delivery

Our extensive third-party supply chain enables us to deliver exactly what our clients need. We look after the most important work in-house, and when necessary we source the best suppliers and optimised producers that ensure capacity and speed of delivery. By leveraging spend over multiple categories with one supplier, our clients can increase efficiency while reducing their costs.

A commitment to innovation is written into every contract we sign with a client, and we help to drive their business forward by becoming a true partner every step of the way. We help our clients to deliver achieve digital transformation and our contract delivery is underpinned by unrivalled international support through Paragon’s extensive global footprint, ensuring that we can deliver what our clients need with speed, scale and consistency.

Achieve digital transformation

Local, national and global

Our scale and capabilities ensure that we can provide a dedicated team locally, nationally, and globally to support and deliver our clients' communications. We help to address the challenges of non-standard and fragmented delivery, diverse cultures and systems, and the lack of overall visibility faced by international brands. 

Process innovation

Our communication experts and industry leaders will deliver solutions underpinned by the latest technology. We also help to uncover hidden efficiencies by improving and streamlining our clients' processes, seeking constantly to inject innovation into how they operate. 

Simplify complexity

We simplify the complexities in business that drive cost and hinder growth. We enable our clients to measure and evaluate the success of their communications, improving their bottom line and driving them forward by learning from the past. Our team-led environment delivers the perfect end-to-end journey.

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