Digital Marketing

Data capture microsites, digital communications and complex fully personalised loyalty websites that deliver brilliant results for our clients

Digital Marketing

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Deep practical experience combined with enterprise level deployment

Digital marketing is an essential aspect of customer communication, providing speed, personalisation, dynamic content and directly measurable ROI. We successfully deliver hundreds of millions of emails and SMS for our clients every year. From simple data capture microsites to complex fully personalised loyalty websites – Paragon delivers brilliant solutions for our clients.



• Engages your customers with the right email content at the right time

• Saves time and improve how emails are displayed to customers

• Provides a perfect user experience



Scalable, flexible AI-enabled email platforms with real-time personalisation

We cover single deployments, complex multi-layered campaigns, trigger and wave-based activity and transactional scenarios like order confirmations and regulatory alerts.


Fully managed digital design, build and deployment service

We give access to platforms that enable you to self-serve or use a tailored hybrid approach, and deliver data capture microsites, apps and portals.


Full scale website design and build, content management systems and API solutions

We allow clients to share data from disparate systems through real-time integrations into the website hub or app

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