Supply chain consolidation

Complexity is a big driver of cost for businesses. Consolidating your communication partners will deliver efficiencies and consistency.

Supply Chain Consolidation

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Delivering Supply chain consolidation

Complexity in business is one of the biggest drivers of cost, hindering and limiting a company’s growth potential. Multiple suppliers can mean siloed divisions, separate cost centres and complex supply risks. Paragon operates as a single supplier to some of the UK’s biggest brands, integrating all channels through a dedicated team with decades of experience. We always guarantee capacity, in all areas of our clients’ communication needs.

Choosing a strategic partner with the capabilities, expertise and knowledge to manage and handle your strategy allows you to focus on wider organisational strategies without worrying about the delivery of your communications. Paragon creates hands-on teams that operate as an extension of our clients’ businesses, solving their supply chain challenges and evolving how they deliver marketing and print communications to their customers.


 Delivering marketing and print communications

Removing siloes

We enable businesses to keep a handle on their purchasing process to stop it becoming dispersed and siloed, keeping all the pieces together and helping to deliver brilliant multichannel communication strategies.

Driving efficiency

By consolidating our clients' communication strategies we help to reduce purchasing costs, improve efficiency and maintain quality across all channels. We enable our clients to become more efficient with their costs and time.


Businesses need to keep up with technological innovations to stay ahead of the game. We deliver flexibilityproviding the innovation our clients need to thrive and provide a brilliant experience for their customers.

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