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South Western Railway Case Study

What our client wanted

South Western Railway were looking for a partner who could deliver all timetables, posters, leaflets and bespoke requests within tight timelines, at the highest quality whilst providing value to the franchise. South Western Railway took over this franchise from Stagecoach in 2017 and required a partner with extensive experience delivering on the franchise requirements both physically and logistically.


What we gave them

Our extensive experience in delivering solutions to the transport and logistics markets made us a perfect match for our client. Paragon’s storage facilities and transparent management information gave South Western Railway further confidence that the supply chain would function to the highest standards, delivering excellent service levels to any location at very short notice. We now manage the print, distribution and stock control of all timetable production to ensure all timetables are available to passengers at all locations, at least four weeks before designated timetable changes, and provide next day delivery direct to 193 UK locations.


What was the impact

In Paragon, South Western Railway now has a true partner who understands the demands of the transport and logistics sectors whilst delivering upon tight timelines. Printed products are produced to the highest quality whilst providing a commercially competitive service. The provision of transparent storage and Management Information has given South Western Railway confidence that all of its obligations to its network can be met at very short notice.


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