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What is Paragon Inbound ?

Paragon's Integr8 Platform

Our Inbound services, powered by Paragon’s INTEGR8 platform, provide mail and document management solutions for the digital age – transforming how your business operates. They enable our clients to digitise their incoming mail processes while delivering a better customer experience.

Through our combination of process expertise, industry knowledge and enabling technology, we will transform your business processes to deliver reduced risk, enable remote working, and increase operational visibility.

We deliver your inbound services on a naturally transformative, flexible and scalable platform to meet your digital transformation goals, work together on a bespoke transformation roadmap.


How does Paragon Inbound work?

With Paragon Inbound, our INTEGR8 platform brings your digital and physical inbound communication handling under one roof, saving you money and speeding up how quickly crucial information can disseminate across your business.

We’ll provide an end-to-end solution, tailored to your organisation. Whether physical or digital, we’ll receive your communications and sort, scan and index them using the latest technology. We can even process payments and handle confidential and cherished documents in our specialist and secure Paragon Inbound processing facility.

When we’ve captured the information, we will distribute and archive the documents and associated data, integrating them into your workflow.

We then close the loop by producing rule-driven outbound communications and securely archiving historic documents, making them instantly available to you.


Why choose Paragon Inbound?

Paragon’s inbound services and our INTEGR8 platform reduce your reliance on internal staff even when there is a spike in inbound mail. They also enhance handling efficiencies, giving you the control, speed, and security you need while maximising your budgets.

But that’s not all - by benefitting from reduced processing costs and intelligence-driven decision making, your organisation can provide a vastly improved experience for your employees and customers. Our best-in-class inbound solution also delivers:

  • Process automation
  • Verification and ‘back office’ services
  • Improved auditability and compliance
  • Security and no-fail delivery
  • Enablement of remote working for off-site teams


Watch our video to find out more.

Paragon Stories | Inbound Solution

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