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Simplifying consent for businesses to comply with new GDPR regulations
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Most organisations today haven’t reviewed their existing data privacy practices against the GDPR requirements. We can help you identify the actions you need to carry out in order to meet the GDPR requirements ahead of May 2018 and beyond.

Paragon Preference Centre simplifies consent management for organisations and provides consumers with more control over how and when their data is used. It helps you establish GDPR compliant communications by providing an easy way for your customers to modify how you interact with them.

We can help you build an ‘always on’ preference centre to make opting out as easy as opting in, as well as address the multi-channel realities that people will opt in and out of various elements of your marketing activities. Managing preferences in this way will create a central repository of customer preferences across your whole organisation rather than individually by campaign.

Key Consumer Findings

Source: Data IQ “GDPR Impact Research Report – Permission”, April 2016

  • 41% of consumers don’t mind providing their data if they understand how it will be used
  • 28% of consumers believe they should always be asked for permission to use their data
  • 21% of consumers believe their data should be deleted straight away when requested
  • 21% of consumers believe that data consent should only be valid for six months
  • 49% prefer not to share data unless they have to
  • 33% happy to share if reasons are explained and 16% glad to share if they trust the company


Your Benefits

  • Customers choose the content they want to receive on each of their preferred channels for every communication you send
  • Allows for preferences to be set at different levels against different channels and subject areas
  • Reflects GDPR principles by making it as easy to opt out as it is to opt in
  • Self-service tool takes the burden off your resources while a hosted user interface supports your brand   
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