Business Process Outsourcing

We have the experience, expertise and the people to optimise your administrative processes, or if desired, completely manage these processes for you

Business Process Outsourcing

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Automated services for key business processes

Our BPO solutions can help with digitization, database management, and administrative processes, providing you with better, faster and more efficient results. We provide personalised outbound communications and the digitization of inbound communication workflows, while our mailroom and document scanning services will transform how your business manages documents.


  • Improves speed and effectiveness, and makes your budgets go further.
  • Provides easy, secure storage and retrieval of your key documents
  • Enhances and maintains the quality of your data


Data extraction

Automatically extract all data from structured, semistructured and unstructured documents, identify the document type and automatically extract key information that can be used to index the document and/or route the document to the right department or recipient.



Your documents can be digitally archived and fully searchable on a variety of electronic storage media and easily retrieved through both our internal and external facing secure client portals. Paragon can also integrate with all commercial EDM platforms to provide a digital archive solution within your internal system of choice.


Robust process control and document capture

We ensure all incoming mail is tracked and audited through every step of the process, and we scan all documents so they can be viewed, archived and retrieved in high quality image format.


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